Momentum Intelligence rebrands to Agile Market Intelligence

Momentum Intelligence – the leading research brand and trusted partner of Australia’s largest financial institutions – is proud to rebrand as Agile Market Intelligence from July.

The rebrand – effective from 1 July 2023 – will mark a significant shift in how Agile Market Intelligence will operate.

The new brand will exemplify the concept of movement, and reflect the research arm’s ability to demonstrate speed and agility while outshining its competitors.

Born out of Momentum Markets, Agile Market Intelligence will continue to offer market-leading access to highly-engaged audiences via the Momentum Markets network.

Director of Agile Market Intelligence, Michael Johnson, highlights: “Our journey began as a dedicated research and analytics team working directly with Momentum Media’s industry leading media brands. Since then, the demand for our services has grown exponentially among large financial institutions, technology companies, industry associations and policy makers.

“Our new identity as Agile Market Intelligence signifies this step change and a view to expanding our connections and reach further with precision, core to our continued success.”

The exclusive partnership between Agile Market Intelligence and Momentum Markets will provide research and data-driven analysis on the perceptions, projections, and priorities of a range of professionals.

These include mortgage and finance brokers, real estate agents, property managers, accountants, lawyers, financial advisers, wealth managers, defence and aerospace engineers and manufacturers, cyber security professionals, and small-to-medium enterprise (SME) owners.

There will also be ongoing access to Momentum Markets’ network of audiences, enabling businesses, associations, and government to ask critical questions and equip themselves with the insights they require to shape product development, marketing activity, strategic planning, and policies.

“Under this new branding, our team is focused on delivering the answers to burning questions to businesses quickly, while supporting our clients with deep data analytics and storytelling,” Mr Johnson explained.

“We endeavour to bring out the human voices and illustrate the real-life implications of these data points.”

Agile Market Intelligence commercial director Oliver Stofka said: “Our team is really excited about this rebrand and the opportunity this presents to not only continue to support our clients as we have been, but to engage in more meaningful work with our clients, across more markets and landscapes.

“We recognise how crucial it is for organisations to make informed decisions quickly in order to thrive and race ahead of their competitors.”

He concluded: “Agile Market Intelligence is a boutique agency with large audience access, which means we can move faster than other research agencies.

“We will continue to focus on reducing the time to insight, and as such, time for our clients to make important decisions.”

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